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stormwatch_crow's Journal

Crow Jane
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Crow Jane gave her life for a finer world.

That's what she'd've liked to think. Chosen by Henry Bendix, a woman with an erased past and the best hardware and training he could pump into her, she was with StormWatch Zero on their fatal mission for him. Things turned out a little... oddly, though. Instead of making it to the transport location, Jane arrived in the Nexus. There, she met Apollo, years down the line and a member of the Authority. Her cheerful personality and eager drive to help people brought back painful memories, and brought a painful choice for him. He sent her back to die with a smile and a wave, and a promise that she'd do great things.

She clawed her way out of the afterlife in order to hammer home just how much he'd fucked up. Driven more than a little mad by the entire experience, she became a drunkard of legendary purposes, spreading terror across several multiversal Nexuses and bars at the very mention of her name. In the back of her head, she had a mission. To make her Finer World. Not Bendix's. Not the Finer World of an Apollo that would send her back to die, but a Finer World where people could be happy. No matter the cost.

For seven years, over double her time spent in the multiverse, Jane waited. She drank, plotted, researched, finding out that in the future, the Authority would forget their goals in favor of being sociopathic supercelebrities and dictators. And they had a Century Child with them. Crow Jane was horrified at first, and then began to add this information into her plans. Aided by the return of her old ally, Lamplighter, to the world of the living, and befriending Winter, she kidnapped Jenny Quantum on the night of their birth. A three-way battle broke out between the Authority, the American super-soldiers sent to kidnap Jenny, and Jane's StormWatch. StormWatch escaped, slaughtering most of the soldiers and giving the Authority a seriously bloody nose purely through surprise.

Their luck wouldn't hold. Once they had Jenny, they had to split up, trading the baby off through PINpoints as they fought and fled, more often the second, from the Authority. It's been a long year for the trio, but they do have allies in unexpected places. Or, rather, people who'd rather help Jane than have her stand near them. The woman smells like a distillery, more often than not.